Video Door Phones

Gridaxis Hardwares - Analog VDP

Analog VDP

The Video Door Phone unit comprises an indoor unit (this comes with a monitor) and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has an inbuilt microphone and a mounted camera. Every single time someone rings the doorbell, the image of the visitor can be seen on the monitor of the indoor unit. These cameras come with night vision and two-way audio communication.

Gridaxis Hardwares - IP VDP


The IP Video Door phones offer the ultimate security to any venue. Along with video images, two-way audio communication is provided through an adjustable video camera that operates through a DR-Viewer software application. The system, therefore, helps you identify the person visually and verbally.

Gridaxis Hardwares - Multidoor VDP

Multidoor VDP

This video door phone is solution for a multi-apartment building complex. Both the lobby and door unit communicate to the resident inside apartment and allows the resident to view and converse with the visitors using a Smart App that can operate on tablet or smartphone.