CCTV Cameras

Gridaxis Hardwares - IP CCTV Camera

IP CCTV Camera

An IP camera, or Internet Protocol camera, is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a fast Ethernet link.
- High resolution up to 8K
- Can connect to existing network
- Remote administration
- On board analytics

Gridaxis Hardwares - Analog CCTV Camera

Analog CCTV Camera

An HD Analog camera is an analog camera that can record high definition images (up to 3840x2160P, 8MP and 4k). These are ideal if you want better resolution, but don’t need some of the additional features IP cameras provide. They can also be a great fit if you are looking to save costs by using your existing coaxial cabling. There are also several types of HD analog cameras, including TVI, CVI, and AHD.
- Lower Cost for a retrofit project
- Easy Installation
- High Definition, up to 8MP
- No new cabling needed
- Less expensive than IP Cameras
- Great for long cable runs